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Factor Bundle

Buy all three (Electricity Factors, Hotel Factors, Homeworker Factors) for one low price.


Greenhouse gas assessments require a large number of emission factors. This bundle contains the most popular factor sets to get you started. Factors on a per-country basis for Electricity, Homeworkers and Hotel Stays.  All for one low price.

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Why Use Our Factors?

Time Saving

Get all the factors in one consistent spreadsheet


Built on FactorAI, Ecometrica's class leading emission factor database, our factors are accurate, go beyond CO2 to provide all gases and include error analysis


Greenhouse Gas Accounting requires transparency and auditability. Our factors are fully referenced and a detailed methodology is provided ensuring that your audit goes off without a hitch

Cost Saving

Save time compared to researching factors on your own. Use these factors for multiple clients, it's all included in our simple pricing structure and clear licensing terms.

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Simple Licensing Terms

The Single-Use License:

  • Use the factors for your own greenhouse gas assessment

  • Publish the subset of factors and references you used

The Multi-Use License:

  • Use the factors for doing greenhouse gas assessments for clients

  • Publish the subset of factors and references used in client reports.

  • Build the factors into internal tools

  • These factors CANNOT be used in client-facing software

Price Plans

Three clear options depending on your intended use

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Factor Bundle


Single Use License

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Electricity Factors
Multi-Use - Enterprise


Multi-Use License for organizations with more than 50 FTE

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Factor Bundle
Multi-Use - SME


Multi-Use License for organizations with less than 50 FTE

Technical Documents

See the individual product pages for technical details

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