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Global Emission

Global Emission Factors produced by the team behind Ecometrica's award-winning sustainability platform

Looking for the emission factors app?

Ecometrica's database of searchable factors - excluding electricity factors  - are available via an app. Unlimited access to the database for a 12 month period is £399 (the first 10 searches are free).

What Are Emission Factors?

Geographically specific, up-to-date emission factors are key to accurate, auditable and transparent Greenhouse Gas Assessments. Published by numerous organizations, updated often, the task of compiling and ensuring the accuracy of a comprehensive dataset is costly and time-consuming. The data team behind Ecometrica's award winning sustainability platform tracks hundreds of sources on a regular basis and is now making some of the data available as downloadable datasets with generous licensing terms.

Why Use Our Emission Factors?

Time Saving

All the factors available in one consistent spreadsheet. Save time spent sourcing, compiling and quality assuring emission factors from multiple sources


Built on FactorAI, Ecometrica's class leading emission factor database, the factors are accurate and go beyond CO2 


Greenhouse Gas Accounting requires transparency and auditability. Our factors are fully referenced and a detailed methodology is provided 

Cost Saving

If using these factors for multiple clients, there are different licensing terms with a simple pricing structure.

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Who Are These Factors For?

If you are a business, organization, college or NGO who needs to calculate your greenhouse gas footprint, but your needs are not complex enough to subscribe to the Ecometrica sustainability platform. We have spent years researching and compiling emission factors to ensure the most accurate GHG reports.

Emission Factors Bundle 

This three factor bundle contains: Global Electricity Factors, Global Homeworker Factors and Global Hotel Factors at a 10% discount. It is the best value for option. 


2022 Factors Bundle 
Starting at £595

Global electricity, homeworker and hotel factors in one convenient bundle.

Geometrical Shapes
Work Environment_edited.jpg

Global Homeworker Factors
From £195

Homeworker factors for 219 countries. Accurately quantify the emissions from your global remote workforce

Individual Global Factor Sets
Utility Pole_edited.png

Global Electricity Factors 
Starting at £295

An authoritative global dataset of Electricity Emission Factors

Hotel Entrance

Global Hotel Factors
From £195

Measuring business travel emissions is hard. Our dataset of emissions from hotel night stays in 219 countries makes it easier

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